About Me

Massage therapy was amongst my first loves— I drove cross-country from Miami to Seattle in 1992 to go to the Brenneke School of Massage, graduating the following year. My initial career— encompassing a mobile massage business in South Florida, studying Lomi Lomi in Hawaii, working in a chiropractor’s office in the Seattle suburbs and running my own practice in Bellingham, Wa— was briefer than I intended. My daughter was born in 1995, and in the early years of parenting, her nurturing needs eventually trumped my clients’, leading me to abandon massage therapy in search of more intellectual, less hands-on pursuits.

The years passed— I earned my dimes from non-profits, by painting houses, through Spanish interpreter agencies— and my daughter grew. One day she was a teenager instead of a toddler, and massage therapy called me back once again, whispering and whispering to me until I listened.

I first lived in New Orleans in the fall of 2001, landing back on the West coast by 2005, but never totally severing my bonds with this city. I resettled here in 2011, earning my Louisiana Massage Therapy license, establishing my current practice and training to become a Birth Doula. I am certified in Pre and Perinatal Massage through Carol Osborne, and completed a Myofascial Release workshop in November 2013 at the local Advanced Massage Training Center as well as an Abdominal Massage Workshop with Donna Caire in Abita Springs in January 2015, as part of my desire to continue to learn and be inspired by new modalities and techniques.

Laura Scholz Massage Therapist