“Laura Scholz has been doing body work for me for over a year and a half. She is one of the most intuitive therapists I have ever had work on me, noticing the subtle imbalances in my body and the root cause of tensions whether it be in my shoulders, hip, or calf. However, even more amazing than the subtlety, skill and strength of Laura’s massages, was the support she provided while I was battling a chronic illness. She worked with me to find an affordable price and proceeded to help my body heal itself through months of stress and pain. I truly don’t believe that I would have been able to regain my health without the biweekly physical support that Laura provided which was ever caring and attentive.”

–Emily Wheelis,
   Medical school student

“I went to Laura for a chronic pain I was having in my shoulder and wrist.  After two massages from her I not only felt a great amount of relief from this pain, but gained a better understanding of the mechanics of my body and how I can move in such a way that I am not damaging it.  She spent time with me patiently discussing my questions and concerns in detail before and after the massage. After a session with her, my body feels healed not only from her touch, but from her honesty, compassion, education and encouragement for a deeper healing to continue to take place.”

-Effie Michot,

“I have sought massage therapy for an array of ailments over the years– migraines, back spasms, stress, various bone injuries– but I had not felt fully taken care of until Laura worked on me. She is truly empathetic: she listens to the muscles and tendons with her fingers and delves deeper where work is needed to be done. Laura does an incredible job of toeing the line between tenderness and intense strength to ease away knots and tension. She has worked on muscle groups far below those usually touched in massage; Laura has kneaded out stress and trauma I have been carrying in my body for most of my life. Her understanding of where I hurt is quite intuitive: I have been relieved of pain I never knew could be separated from my self. She doesn’t, however, simply rely on her own assumptions about my body, but engages me to share when more or less pressure is needed. In other massage settings I have never felt as comfortable asking for these changes.
In addition to her physical sensitivity, I feel wholly comforted by our discussions before and after massage about the workings of the body and other ways to prolong stress release at home. She is compassionate and intelligent in her interactions with clients. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Zibby Jahns,
   Multi-media Artist

“I have seen several massage therapists in my life, and Laura is definitely the one that I have felt most comfortable and safe with. She is very intentional about staying within my comfort zone and following my cues, which I greatly appreciate. Her gentle and relaxed style encourages me to relax and open up, which is often hard for me to do. Additionally, I enjoy how collaborative our sessions are. I feel like I am guiding the experience as much as she is and that she and I come up with ideas to try, and questions to explore, together. On top of these stylistic aspects, Laura is an excellent masseuse. I have fewer migraines and less pain in my back and hips after seeing her. Plus, she gives me strategies to reduce tension for while I’m not with her.”

–Latona Giwa,
   Nurse-midwife student